Flood Relief for Peru

Peru Mission workers load some supplies for delivery to Parque Industrial in Trujillo.

This week Wes Baker, who works with Peru Mission in Trujillo, Peru, and his team are working to respond with help for the many families affected by the multiple days of devastating flash floods in that city. We encourage you to participate in this response by donating funds toward this effort! (See instructions below.)

Here is the situation in his words (from a March 20 Facebook post):

“I’ve now lost count of how many times in the last several days flash floods have ripped through all of Trujillo, leaving destruction in its path. Some of our team were in Parque Industrial and Arévalo working this morning. … We are buying as much bottled water (as well as tuna, crackers and other such items) as we can to help those in greatest need. Church members have had homes destroyed as well as many of our micro finance clients, and of course a great many friends and neighbors.

“Peru Mission is trying to help with basic needs now, and we hope to offer some further assistance toward rebuilding once things dry out. Please pray (1) that the storms and flash floods will cease (meteorologists now predict at least three more weeks of this unprecedented weather pattern), (2) that food, water, and shelter will get to those in greatest need, and (3) for the livelihoods of many whose small businesses have washed away (our woodshop being one of them).

“If you can give towards either the emergency relief or some aspect of rebuilding please go to www.perumission.org/give and specify “Compassion fund” and then write “flood relief” in the text box. If you prefer to give by snail mail you may send a check to:

Christian Missionary Society
PO Box 25912
Greenville, SC 29616

CMS is a tax exempt charitable organization approved b the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and all gifts are tax deductible.