Harvey Relief Project

As a church, our primary means of responding to the devastation brought by Hurricane Harvey is through support of our PCA Disaster Response organization (part of the PCA’s Mission to North America). This agency works with local PCA leaders to help establish volunteer staging sites and determine the best strategy for helping those who are impacted by the storm and flooding.

Deacon David Parker drove to Houston to deliver Redeemer’s donations to Christ the King PCA. His truckload included 20 flood buckets, some hygiene kits, and some extra items. Thank you for gathering all the suggested supplies from the list and assembling the buckets and kits; they are definitely needed, and David says the organizers in Houston were grateful to get them!

If you are interested in working with a team from Redeemer on flood relief efforts in Houston, please contact David Parker: dlp709@yahoo.com. Once we know how many will be serving and determine a date that works, David will contact the MNA Disaster Response coordinator to get us scheduled. They will provide us with information about where we will be staying, what to bring, and the estimated scope of work.

The MNA folks report that soon they will be beginning to install insulation and drywall, now that homes are drying out. PCA churches are mobilizing volunteers to serve out of several volunteer staging sites. Each site provides a place to lodge, shower, and prepare meals, and can accommodate up to 25-30 volunteers per day. All volunteers who serve at this site are being asked to come in a “self-contained” state, meaning we are responsible for our own meals. Volunteers must have current tetanus shots, be at least 15 years old, sign a Volunteer Release form, and for those over 17 must complete a PCA required background check ($8).

As you have already heard, this recovery effort is a marathon, not a sprint! We are grateful for the organizational leadership and expertise from the PCA’s MNA agency, and are looking to be helpful for the long term. Thank you for your willingness to help those who have been impacted by disaster!

Contact: David Parker, dlp709@yahoo.com