Sermons in Advent

Preview: December 24
One writer I enjoy reading says that every Christmas, Mary gets her 15 minutes of fame among Protestants. This week, Mary takes center stage as we consider Luke 1 and the angel Gabriel’s announcement to Mary of Jesus’ impending birth. There’s something about Mary, though—the more we focus on her, the more clearly we see her Son and the gracious work of God for us. She decreases and he increases. Join us this Sunday, as we consider this young woman, so favored by God and so important to us as the recipient of God’s grace and favor. ~ Pastor Eric Landry

Preview: December 17
The angels announced “good news of great joy” to the shepherds on the hill outside Bethlehem the night Jesus was born. The joy of Christmas doesn’t come from hanging just one more string of lights, buying one more present, or going to one more party. It comes when we recognize the freedom, deliverance, healing, and restoration that Jesus brings. This Sunday, we turn to Isaiah 61 and come face-to-face with our deep need for rescue and renewal—a need that Jesus meets when he proclaims and enacts the year of the Lord’s favor. The result of Jesus’ work is life-changing, and gives you reason—no matter the circumstances of your life—to sing, “Joy to the world!” ~ Pastor Eric Landry

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Preview: December 3
We are an in-between people, living between the times. Our lives are characterized by the earth-shaking reality of the first Advent and shaped by our longing for the second Advent. We are not so different from the ancient Jews who longed for their coming Messiah, or from the early Christians who waited for the return of Jesus. Our similarity with them is demonstrated powerfully for us in 1 Corinthians 1:3-9, our text for the first Sunday of Advent. Join us this Sunday as we learn how to wait with hope.   ~ Pastor Eric Landry