Small Groups

Our Small Group ministry includes groups that meet in homes all over the city of Austin and beyond! If you are interested in getting involved in an existing group, see the information below.

If you would like to be part of a new group as host, facilitator, or participant, please contact Ben Walton: or 512.815.1828.

SpotLight on Our Small Group Leaders
Get to know Ben Walton…

Ben Walton is a catalyst behind Redeemer’s vision for small groups as a way of growing the body of Christ at Redeemer and beyond. In Ben’s words: “I truly love my role planting and ministering to our new home fellowship groups at Redeemer. I get to see firsthand the way the Holy Spirit is building the kingdom of God and maturing the saints in so many different contexts.”
During the week, Ben works as an attorney. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his single friends, engaging in a variety of activities including social dancing. “I’m always looking for new friends to rope into our group outings.” Ben also enjoys biking and “everything musical–playing piano, singing, listening to music, and going to concerts.”
Ben has attended Redeemer for three years and usually attends the second service. Note: you’ll often see his bright, smiling face when he serves as an usher.
Why Redeemer? Ben grew up in the Texas Hill Country (Fredericksburg) and later spent several years in Virginia and Ohio. When he moved to Austin in 2014, Ben states that Redeemer met all his criteria. Namely that the church “1. was doctrinally Presbyterian, 2. had a liturgical covenant-renewal worship service, and 3. was comprised of a body of believers who wanted to live out the kingdom of God together in their city/community. I have been deeply blessed by being part of the Redeemer community.”
Ben’s favorite Bible verse? John 3:30, “‘He must increase, but I must decrease.’ That pretty much sums up what I want my life to look like.”
What Ben wishes people knew about him: “If you spend time around me, it won’t take long for you to wonder if my sense of humor really is as cheesy as it appears at first impression. The answer is, yes, it is. I love making ‘dad jokes’ every chance I get, much to the chagrin of my friends.”
Ben wishes that all Redeemer members join a small group so that they can experience God at work in their lives and the lives of others. “We gather in one another’s homes to discuss God’s Word, pray for one another, share our lives with one another and engage with our neighbors outside our church. God’s ways may be simple, but the fruit he brings is profound. We are already seeing incredible fruit that I did not expect to see so quickly. God is at work in our midst at Redeemer! I am excited to see what God will continue to do through Redeemer as we continue to plant, grow, and disciple many home fellowship groups across the greater Austin area.”