New Sermon Series

“This Sunday’s sermon is the second in a new topical series called “Living by Faith.” Faith is one of those important words in the Bible, but one that seldom gets defined the way that the Bible uses it. Unfortunately, the result is that instead of living by faith, as the Bible instructs us to do, most of us stumble through life wondering why our Christianity doesn’t work. Why do we still struggle with sin, with a lack of forgiveness, and with a lack of conformity to Christ?

“In this sermon series, we’ll begin by asking a very basic question: What is faith? Then, we’ll see how faith works through love. We’ll also dig deeper into the real power of faith, as well as ways that you can increase your faith. We’ll conclude the series in early June by looking at three fruits of faith.

“Faith in the person and work of Christ should make a difference. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead means that a new world has broken in on the old world of sin and misery. Those who are united to Christ by faith need to know the joy, hope, and confidence of a life lived by faith in the Son of God (Gal 2:20). I invite you to join us this spring, as we take a deeper look at the topic of faith.” Pastor Eric Landry