Learning to Number Our Days Class

In our current culture the prospect of aging, illness, and dying are unpleasant mysteries that have been sentimentalized or humorously sanitized. For the Christian, death is as natural and inevitable as birth. Making wise decisions about aging that will honor God and care for those around us is a “Christian thing to do.” This class looks at a biblical/ethical way to make decisions as we plan for the future.

Those who present the topics we’ll be covering have either professional expertise or the practical life experience to address subjects such as: the theology of living and dying; financial stewardship; wills, trusts, and estate planning; dealing with long-term illness; ministering to the grieving; hospice care; and burial costs and options.

1. Introduction – Jack Smith

Jan 21
An overview of what this class will entail, as well as who is presenting and why.


2. A Christian View of Life and Death – Marcus Serven

Jan 28
What does the Bible say about life and death? How do we view these topics from a Christian standpoint when society has very different ideas?

Resources for this Class:
Handout: Biblical Passages and Analyses on Life and Death


3. What’s the Christian Thing to Do? – Bryce Waller

Feb 4
What should a Christian take into considerations when thinking about end-of-life ethics? Is euthanasia ever a legitimate path for a Christian? Must Christians take every option possible to preserve our lives?

Resources for this Class:
Handout: Difficult Decisions Biblical Wisdom for Making End-of-Life Decisions

Recommended Reading:
Bioethics: A Primer for Christians by Gilbert Meilaender ($11.00 on the book table in the Narthex)
Bioethics and the Christian Life: A Guide to Making Difficult Decisions by David VanDrunen ($20.00 on the book table in the Narthex)
Why Does It Have to Hurt? The Meaning of Christian Suffering by Dan G. McCartney (free on the book table in the Narthex)


4. Caring for Parents – Joel and Janet Chapman

Feb 11

What are the struggles and joys of caring for a parent at home? What should we expect when our parents reach the end of their lives?

Resources for this Class:
Handout: Caring for Parents
Joel’s graph

Caregiver education: AGE of Central Texas
Joel and Janet’s recommended hospice: Hospice Austin

Recommended reading:
Heaven by Randy Alcorn
Walking with God through Pain and Suffering by Timothy Keller ($11.00 on the book table in the Narthex)


5. Caring for a Spouse – Faith Perry and Lynn Coats

Feb 18

Resources for this class:
Handout: Life Comes at You Fast (Lynn’s handout)