Sermon Series: Genesis, The Book of Beginnings


Preview: October 15
Genesis 15 is one of the majestic peaks of Scripture. In it, God reiterates his covenant promises to Abram, using a bloody ritual whose significance will stretch all the way to the cross of Calvary. In Genesis 15, Abram is reckoned righteous because he had faith in God’s promises, and that new reality will also stretch all the way into the New Testament as Paul and others use Abram as a model for our own righteousness that comes by faith alone. In this anniversary year of the Protestant Reformation, we may be tempted to celebrate important history without remembering the intensely personal challenge of living by faith and the comfort that comes from believing God’s promises. Join us this Sunday as we worship our God who was faithful unto death, for Abram and for you and me. ~Pastor Eric Landry

Preview: October 8
Genesis 14 marks another high point in Abram’s pilgrimage. He leads a small army into battle and emerges victorious, rescuing his nephew Lot and all the wealth of five pagan kings. Abram’s victory is also a test: having been so successful in battle and now having acquired so much wealth, will Abram establish himself as a king over the Promised Land? Will he seize by force the promise of God? This week, Abram teaches us another important lesson about the way God works in our lives and the way that we can acknowledge his blessings. Join us this Sunday as we turn to Genesis 14. ~Pastor Eric Landry

Preview: October 1
The singer Kelly Clarkson reminds us, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” and this week we see Abram return to the Promised Land stronger after his potentially deadly choice to flee to Egypt. But once he is in the land, a new crisis emerges within his own family. The choices that Abram and his nephew Lot make will shape their lives forever. This week, we turn to Genesis 13 and learn that the world’s pleasures and treasures (while pleasing to the eye) cannot compare to God’s promise of a heavenly inheritance.  ~Pastor Eric Landry

Preview: September 24
With astonishing regularity, reports that some celebrity has converted to Christianity fill our news feeds. Invariably, the newly baptized actor, musician, or sports star is invited to speak at big churches and write a book about his or her conversion. Soon, videos of them “preaching” are shared by people who long to find some sense of confirmation for their own belief in their newfound hero’s faith. It all comes crashing down, of course, when news of infidelity, drug use, or a profanity-laden video emerges. The Bible is more realistic about its heroes. It doesn’t shy away from revealing them in all their glory and in all their sad frailty and sin. None more so than Abraham. This week, we return to Genesis and begin the story of Abraham, which will dominate the rest of the book. This Sunday, we’ll see his rapid rise and just as rapid fall as he struggles to believe God’s promises. The way God brings him back to faith is a great comfort to me, and I trust will be a great comfort to you, as well.c~Pastor Eric Landry