Evening @Redeemer, 6 to 7:10 p.m.

All our Sunday evening activities will resume on September 16.

Presbyterian Youth Group (PYG) meets in Calvin Hall, Room E212 for grades 6-12.  For information on youth activities, check out their website page.

Three Children’s Choirs for Four-year-olds through Grade 6
For details refer to the children’s choir page.

Nursery care is provided on Sunday evenings for children younger than four.

For the Adults: meeting in Room E206
In addition to our normal children’s choir and youth programs, the adults will go verse by verse through the Book of Acts led by Pastor Eric. Acts occupies a special place in the Bible: it is the bridge between the ministry of Jesus and the spread of the church after the Ascension of Jesus. As we, here at Redeemer, consider how best to live out the mandate given to all Christian churches, there is no better place than the Book of Acts to turn. It can provide a guide star to our own efforts, as well as cautionary tales of what happens when the world, the flesh, and the devil oppose what God is doing in and through the local church.

Although there are important differences between our own place in history and that of the early church as recorded in Acts, the same Holy Spirit that propelled the church out of Jerusalem, into Judea and Samaria, to the uttermost parts of the earth, is still at work today among us. Just as Jesus’ lordship helped shape the preaching and witness of those early Christians, so that same message is vital for our world today. It is vital for us to hear it and adhere to it so that it can shape our own lives and witness to our neighbors in Austin.

If you are interested in a deeper study of Acts, Eric recommends the following commentaries as helpful study aids:

  • John Stott’s The Spirit, the Church, and the World: The Message of Acts
  • F. Bruce’s The Book of Acts
  • Joseph Fitzmyer’s Acts of the Apostles
  • Dennis Johnson’s The Message of Acts