Sunday School

Our Sunday School, called School of Discipleship, is a time of growing in the knowledge and grace of the Lord for the whole family.  During the school year months we meet from 10:15 to 11:00 a.m. in Calvin Hall (only exception is the College class, see below).


Infant Nursery: E103
2 Year Olds: Ashley Eaton & Emily Serven, E104
3 Year Olds: Ellen Stroud  & Caroline Stanley, E102
4 and 5 Year Olds: Beg. Catechism—Melva Loock, JoJo Cortright, and Victoria Hendrix, E105
1st Grade: Elem. Catechism—Aaron & Robyn Rhinehart, E100
2nd Grade: Elem. Catechism—Sarah Landry & Kelly Roberson, E201
3rd & 4th Grades: Brian & Julia Russell, E209
5th Grade:  Cathy Scott, E210
Middle School (6th – 8th Grade): Wes Strickland & Adam Walton, E211
High School (9th-12th Grade): John Roberson & Grace Einkauf, E212


College – Richard Sayles & Ed White, 2104 Alexander Ave. (house across the street)
Open and welcome to all college students or college-aged young men and women.  Come enjoy growth in Christian discipleship and our great community of friends.  This year, we will continue our journey through the Gospel of Matthew with periodic rabbit trails into other related topics and other fun activities.  As we develop a deeper knowledge of our Lord, we also grow in our understanding of who he made us to be and the great adventure of this Christian life he has called us into.  Don’t go it alone—come join us and let’s share life together.

Christology: The Person and Work of Christ – Ruling Elder Bob Phillips
Room 206 (This class will start one week later, on September 23.)
What is the most important question ever asked in human history? What is the most important question you will ever have to answer? Mark Jones, a Canadian pastor, opines that “there is no more important question than the one Jesus asked his disciples: ‘Who do you say that I am?’ (Matt. 16:15).”

This course, on the Person and Work of Christ, attempts to answer that question and, more importantly, powerfully apply the truths of Christology to our daily lives. Why does it matter that Jesus is virgin-born? Why does your salvation depend upon Christ being both fully God and fully Man? And why is Christianity a religion of blood: why did the Son of God have to die on the cross for you to be saved—or did he? And for whom did he come to die: each and every human being ever created, or only God’s elect? Yes, we will wade into some deep theological waters, but, Lord willing, in such a way as to extract truths from Scripture that will immensely enlarge our view of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

American Church History – Dr. Marcus Serven
Room 208
This class is designed for all who want an introductory look at the history of Christ’s church in America (1608-1830s). Learn about the remarkable providences of God and the rapid growth of his church on the American continent; the European “roots” of American Christianity; the Jamestown settlers and the intrepid Pilgrims; the Puritan vision for a “City on a Hill”; early Protestant missionaries to the American Indians; Roman Catholic missionaries and their inland settlements; the Dutch Reformed colonies; the severities of King Phillip’s War; the rise of religious liberty and the Baptists; William Penn and a safe haven for Christian Sects; the coming of the Scots-Irish Presbyterians; the German and Scandinavian Lutherans; the First Great Awakening; the American War for Independence and the establishment of our Constitutional Republic; the War of 1812; rising tensions related to slavery; the Methodist circuit-riders, camp meetings and the Second Great Awakening. Finally, throughout the entire class, we will take note of the significant American men and women who have courageously served Christ through many challenging and turbulent times.

The Mission of the Son of Man: Luke’s Portrait of Jesus – Andrew Waller
Room 207
This fall we’ll be taking a curated tour of Luke’s Gospel. In particular, we’ll be tracking Luke’s portrayal of Jesus as the Son of Man, the Prophet Like Moses, and the Son of David throughout the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. We’ll also be examining how we are being called to participate in the mission of Jesus and imitate him, both as the Spirit-filled Church and as individual believers.

Leadership Training – Eric Landry
Library (204)
I want to invite any interested men and women to join the Leadership Training School of Discipleship class that will begin on September 16. The Leadership Training class is a prerequisite for those men who wish to go on to Officer Training (a class scheduled for the spring semester of School of Discipleship), but it is open to all men and women who are interested in filling different levels of lay leadership in the church. If you would like to serve as a School of Discipleship teacher for adult classes; a small group leader; a teacher of men, women, or youth; or if you’d just like to get a better grasp on Scripture, doctrine, and polity, this class is for you.

Please be forewarned: this class requires significant reading and homework. Over the course of 13 weeks, you will work your way through an overview of Scripture, theology, and leadership. It is not for the faint of heart! It will, however, help you help our church grow into maturity. If you would like to get a head-start on the reading, please send me a note at, and I’ll provide you with the book list and reading schedule.