About Us

Redeemer Presbyterian Church exists in the power of Christ’s gospel, as a community of Christ’s kingdom, for the spread of Christ’s glory.

The Power of Christ’s Gospel

The gospel is not simply the gateway to the Christian life; it is the way of life for the Christian. We need to be renewed again and again through the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the power of God for salvation for all who believe. We do not need repeated decisions for Christ; rather, we need repeated encounters with the powerful gospel of Christ that comes to us through his word.

The gospel is good news about Jesus that demands to be believed. More specifically, in the gospel, King Jesus offers himself to us as the One into whom we are to believe. Redeemer Presbyterian Church seeks to take up this task of calling families and individuals to believe – not to a static, stagnant faith, but to a growing, enduring faith – in the Lord Jesus Christ.

A Community of Christ’s Kingdom

Through his gospel, Christ ushers us into his kingdom, a kingdom life that is lived out together in the church, in local congregations, like Redeemer Presbyterian Church. This vision of Redeemer Presbyterian Church as a communal outpost of Christ’s kingdom because of Christ’s gospel has important applications: we are a worshiping, learning, sharing, serving, growing community of Christ’s kingdom.

The Spread of Christ’s Glory

Although the advance of Christ’s gospel will meet fierce opposition, both from inside (Matthew 7:15; Acts 20:29) and outside (see Acts and Revelation throughout) the kingdom community, we know that his church will gloriously march forward. Even the very gates of hell will not be able to stand against Christ’s glorious advance through his church (Matthew 16:18). It is our sure and certain hope that Christ’s fame will more and more spread throughout Austin and the world until the knowledge of the glory of the Lord fills the earth, even as the waters cover the sea (Isaiah 11:9; Habakkuk 2:14).

We will be part of Christ’s glorious advance in the world as we are:

  • A church that is in the world, but not of the world – culturally sensitive, aware and relevant, but biblically and traditionally rooted and grounded.
  • A church that stands against the world, for the world – prophetically “salty,” but loving, open, and actively helping and welcoming.

May our service to the King be well-pleasing in his sight, and may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us all, now and forever!