About Us

Redeemer is a church situated in the heart of east Austin, but that draws people from neighborhoods throughout the city for worship and community. But what draws people to Redeemer? Perhaps the simplest way to answer that question and explain who we are is by looking at the significance behind our name.



At our core, we are a church centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer. As a Christian church we believe the central message of the Bible is one of hope and good news for those who feel far from God, who are searching for meaning in a broken and confusing world, who feel burdened by the consequences of past decisions, and who hunger and thirst for a new kind of life. In Jesus, God provides the solution to any human need, and so we seek to be a church that centers all we do on the good news found in Christ.  



Redeemer is part of an extended family of churches—the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)—that helps provide accountability and integrity to our ministry. Presbyterians have a rich history of beliefs, practices, and stories that shape not only who we are currently, but also who we hope to be. Being “Presbyterian” also means that we are connected to a network of churches here in Austin that enables us to do more than we could if we were simply by ourselves.



We believe our faith (what we believe) is inseparably tied to the way we live out our lives in love and service to others. Christianity is designed to be lived out in a community of people—from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and places—who seek to help one another walk with God through the ups and downs of life. So, we aim to be not only a place where people come to worship, but also a people who share a common life together.


Our Values


Much of the identity found in our name is an identity we share with Christian churches throughout the world as well as in our city. But there are several values we embrace at Redeemer that make our ministry unique among Christian churches in Austin.


Beauty builds up

We believe beauty and spiritual health are intimately connected, so much so that we strive in all we do not only to express the truth, but also to do so in a way that is beautiful. You will see this value at work in our music, our regular church feasts, and many other ways we seek to embody the beauty of our God and Creator.


The past informs the present and shapes the future 

We believe our history is one of the most valuable resources we have for understanding our purpose, our struggles, our identity, and our future. We draw on the strong foundation of the wisdom and work of past generations of Christians to help address the unique and pressing challenges of our own day. We sing songs, confess creeds, and follow practices that have stood the test of time, giving voice to the faith passed down through generations of Christians.


A public faith

We believe genuine Christian faith is not simply a private commitment to be lived out in a “holy huddle.” True faith has a public dimension designed to impact the world around us for good. We long to be a church that equips our members to serve the most vulnerable members of our society, to speak up for those who do not have a voice, and to provide lasting help to those in need.


An intergenerational ministry

We believe it’s important to be a place where people of any age can come to worship and grow spiritually. So, we don’t want to be a “young” church or an “old” church, a Boomer church, or a Millennial church. Rather, we believe each generation has something to teach the other, and that we will be stronger and healthier the more time we spend with each other. In other words, Redeemer is a place where your whole family can grow together spiritually.


Knowing God leads to loving God

We believe our lives are ultimately transformed through the renewal of our minds as we learn to think God’s thoughts after him. We long to be a place where hard questions are answered, where our faith seeks understanding, and where knowing God and loving God are not only compatible, but inseparable.