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Rev. Eric Landry - February 25, 2018

John 2:13-25

Gospel of John - Good News

Blessed Are the Pure in Heart - If I were to use movie genres to describe the Gospel of John, last week’s text was a romantic comedy (the wedding at Cana) and this week's text is action/adventure. The "terminator Jesus" we see here at the end of John 2 is very different from the winemaker Jesus at the beginning of the chapter. He doesn’t distance himself from a difficult situation. He jumps in with both feet...and a whip! But, like all good movies, there’s a story underneath all the action. Join us this Sunday as we consider Jesus’ purifying work—in the Temple of Jerusalem and in each of our own lives today. John 2:13-25.

From Series: "Gospel of John - Good News"

The New Year is a great time to revisit the story of Jesus, because our hope for the future is only as secure as our grounding in the person and work of Christ for us. Even though this Gospel isn’t about us, it is for us—Jesus is the Word who is life, and that life is the light of all men. No matter what future you are staring down this New Year, I want you to have the unshakable confidence that the Word which spoke life into being holds your life in his hands and the darkness will not overcome it.

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